I truly appreciate the myriad of discussions that many on the campus are engaging in concerning shared governance and the proposed new Governance Plan. The thoughtful emails I received, as well as the requests from groups of constituents to allow more time to meet with me and engage in more detailed and productive discussions, has led to my decision to reschedule the town hall which was to be held Thursday, Mar. 18. This will ensure more time for careful consideration of all the proposed feedback from these conversations. As a result, the referendum will also be ​rescheduled to an appropriate period after the town hall. The new dates will be communicated as soon as they are set.

Thank you to all those who signed up to speak up at the town hall or submitted questions to be read and answered. These lists will remain active for the rescheduled town hall.

I look forward to continuing to engage in thoughtful and productive discussions of this important proposal.

By William J. Fritz