Active learning techniques, combined with deliberate practice and inclusive teaching, helps improve student achievement (Theobald et al., 2020). Join the Writing Across the Curriculum Program for a workshop, “Emphasizing Active Learning Techniques in Your Courses,” hosted by PhD WAC fellow Elizabeth Che, to learn more about adaptable pedagogical strategies (e.g., group presentations, practice using Excel) to increase student engagement in the learning process. 

In this workshop, we will briefly go over literature about the benefits of active learning, and explore findings from an online survey on novice instructors’ endorsements for teaching employable skills (e.g., communication, collaboration, analytical inquiry, professional development) in relation to their teaching approaches and strategies. We will then discuss ways that instructors can help their students develop agency to learn and pursue their career goals.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday Apr. 29 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm via Zoom.

Host Bio:

Elizabeth Che is a Doctoral student in the Educational Psychology Program at The Graduate Center. Her research interests include the use of Wikipedia editing to develop students’ writing and other teaching practices that foster development of workforce-relevant skills. She teaches Introductory Psychology at the College of Staten Island.

By Dr. Rosanne Carlo