Use of the Cleared4 system for verifying COVID19 vaccination or test status applies to everyone in our community, including guests and visitors. There are hundreds of people who are not students, faculty, or staff, who arrive at our campus every day; they are vendors, prospective students, parents and friends of athletes, continuing education students, event participants, etc. Much of their Cleared4 documentation will be processed through the Office of Campus Planning, Facilities Management and Operations. In order to facilitate guest/visitor use of the Cleared4 system to enter the campus, we have developed some specific mechanisms to ensure they can be processed efficiently; but we need your participation for it to work smoothly. 

To comply with CUNY Cleared4 requirements, we have already begun advising all guests/visitors who are not registered in Cleared4 contact their campus representative and provide their full name, preferred email address, purpose of visit, and dates. (Visitor information is online on the CSI Website.) We ask that you collect and send this information to your Cleared4 Guest Coordinator for your division, program, or department as listed below. The guest’s information will be forwarded by the Coordinator to the appropriate CSI Cleared4 Approver for processing. We will be implementing this process immediately. 

The following Cleared 4 Guest Coordinators will receive your guest/visitor information for these divisions, departments, and programs: 

Thank you for your continued cooperation to help ensure safety on our campus.

By Hope Berte