As more than 70% of our courses will be in-person for the Spring 2022 semester, we must increase our onsite density for staff so that we can ensure the availability of on-campus support services for our students. Therefore, effective the start of the Spring 2022 semester, staff will be expected to spend at least 70% of their work time on campus, which equals seven out of ten days of in-person work in a two-week cycle. Of course, not every position lends itself to a remote component. This determination will be made by supervisors after consultation with their superiors and Human Resources as needed, and should be based on the essential functions of the position, the  needs of the unit, and specific, quantifiable performance criteria. Supervisors and employees should continue to refer to CUNY’s Flexible Work Guidelines for helpful information. 

Directors should work with the heads of their division to ensure appropriate office coverage in each office and may contact Human Resources with any questions or concerns that may arise. As was the case this semester, all offices shall be open for business on campus during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. As the hybrid experience has shown, it often makes more sense to have entire teams (or groups of teams) in the same place (on-site or remote) on the same days so that people don’t find they are sitting in their offices or workspaces on Zoom for significant periods of the day rather than reaping the benefits of in-person collaboration. Where feasible, reduced workweek and flex start/end time options may continue to be offered.

Although a reduced density expectation has permitted flexibility in granting COVID-related “general” accommodations, it’s important to note that the increasing density goal will result in the reduction (and ultimately the elimination) of general accommodations for reasons other than a health condition.  As always, those who qualify for a reasonable accommodation under CUNY’s Procedures-for-Implementing-Reasonable-Accommodations-9.21.2016.pdf ( can submit a request for a reasonable accommodation to ​

We want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication, especially during these challenging times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you need assistance or have any questions.

by Jessica Collura