The new year is bringing a new look to College of Staten Island Communications, as the office is announcing a revamped Website and new podcast to introduce 2022.  January 26 marks the debut of the newly redesigned, a visual-heavy landing page for CSI news and content. One new content stream housed on the site will be the CSI Today Talks podcast, one that will debut with new Interim President Dr. Timothy G. Lynch.

“We want to give our audience an immersive news site that they can lose themselves in, learning and engaging with our campus and our population. We think the changes we’ve made will showcase our campus and the newsmakers who make it such a dynamic place,” said Interim Director of Communications David Pizzuto, who facilitated the changes alongside Digital Media Manager George Davis IV. “We want to explore new avenues of storytelling while improving ease of use, doing so with a reinforcement of brand and messaging. The new CSI Today affords us that opportunity.”

CSI’s news Website will feature an improved call for multimedia content, beginning with the CSI Today Talks podcast which, will be anchored by Pizzuto and lead CSI Writer and Editor, Terry Mares.  The show debuts January 31 with Interim President Dr. Timothy G. Lynch as its guest, and plans to drop frequent episodes that feature interviews with administrators, faculty, staff, and students.  ”The new podcast will add a dimension to CSI News that the campus has never experienced before,” Mares said. “The interviews will provide a showcase for the many achievements of the members of the College community, giving listeners a chance to learn about these exceptional people.”  Along with the podcast will be enhanced video content through CSI News Briefs, available through CSI Today, and archived on YouTube.

Other new features of CSI Today include a free subscription service, which will deliver weekly news and top stories to subscribers, as well as emergency alerts. Users will also be able to interact and drop story tips to the CSI communications team, as well as downloadi photography and have access to CSI Today’s video content via YouTube.

Visit CSI Today at