Please join us for “Optimizing Support for Faculty and Staff with Disabilities” on Thursday, Mar. 10 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm via Zoom. Please pre-register for this event.

The College of Staten Island/CUNY PSC-CUNY Chapter and the Willowbrook Legacy Project will co-host a Zoom forum entitled “Optimizing Support for Faculty and Staff with Disabilities.” This forum will address the challenges that College faculty and staff face in working at their best when accommodations for their disabilities are only available through protracted struggle.

Dr. Jayci Robb, a Senior Access Consultant at the University of Arizona, will speak about strategies for optimizing a supportive and accessible university for faculty and staff. CSI Social Work Professor Vandana Chaudhry will serve as a respondent and self-advocate. This event is open to the CSI community and to the general public.

Dr. Jayci Robb earned her BS in Psychology from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and her MA and PhD in Rehabilitation from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. She now serves as a Senior Access Consultant at the University of Arizona Disability Resource Center (DRC), where she has worked since 2015 as a point of contact for both disabled students and employees requesting accommodations at the university. Additionally, she has recently overseen the DRC workplace access team in their work of making determinations about employee accommodation requests. Grounded in disability studies and universal design, Dr. Robb uses these frameworks to inform her collaboration with campus partners to improve access and inclusivity, both in the classroom and the work environment.

Vandana Chaudhry is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work. Her research focuses on disability in the Global South, neoliberal governance, culturally and structurally competent practices, and disability justice. Dr. Chaudhry has published widely across the disciplines of disability studies, social work, and interdisciplinary social sciences, with her work appearing in Disability and Society, International Social Work, and Qualitative Inquiry, among others. Her article “Living at the Edge: Disability, Gender, and Neoliberal Debtscapes of Microfinance in India” received the 2016 Affilia Award for Distinguished Feminist Scholarship and Praxis in Social Work. Dr. Chaudhry’s research is oriented toward building knowledge that embraces disability as intrinsic to human diversity, and to promote policies that enable self-determination and full participation for all.

By the CSI/CUNY PSC-CUNY Chapter and the Willowbrook Legacy Project