The Staten Island Equity & Belonging Project will hold a Staten Island (SI) Community Assembly on Thursday, Apr. 28, which is open to the SI community. We invite you to listen to beautiful solutions and how they are working to increase and expand equity and belonging on Staten Island.

The Public Conversations for Change Fellows (PCCLF) will present a project on transportation, accessibility, language, and community wellness. You will also have the opportunity to respond and consider how you can be a part of our beautiful solutions.

We hope to engage the Staten Island community at large; please feel free to share with your networks, friends, family, and loved ones.

To register for one of the two SI Community Assemblies on April 28, please use the links below:



The E&B research survey is still open. You can access the survey link online. Please help share the survey with fellow Staten Islanders.

This event is sponsored by The Geraldo Rivera Fund for Social Work and Disability Studies.

By the Office of Diversity and Compliance – Title iX