The Class of 2022 has not only distinguished itself by earning their college degrees through the unprecedented challenges of staying the course during the pandemic, but they have also shown the greatest response ever to participating in the Class Gift, a tradition started in 2011. The Class Gift is an opportunity for graduating students to “pay it forward” to the next generations of students who follow in their footsteps. Many of the benches along alumni walk and the outdoor solar-powered charging station at the Library Plaza are a result of these efforts. This year’s goal is to raise funds to install a second solar-powered charging station in a common outdoor area for students.

More than 300 students have participated so far, by contributing $10 or more, doubling the $2,200 class year goal. Participating students receive spirit cords to proudly wear at Commencement and many have commented that they were motivated to help their fellow students because, perhaps more than any other graduating class before them, they acutely understand the expected and unexpected challenges one can face on their way to achieving a college degree. Congratulations and hats off to the CSI Class of 2022 for their accomplishments and great generosity of spirit.

Donations to the 2022 CSI Class Gift can still be made online.

By Jennifer Lynch