College of Staten Island students Tomisin Oredipe and Bella Kofner were recently featured in a news story from HealthDay News, distributed to over 50 news publications and journals around the world, regarding the best time to tell a child they are autistic.

HealthDay News reporter Denise Mann, covered a study done by Oredipe, Kofner, Associate Professor Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch and international collaborators, that suggests that learning one is autistic earlier in development lays a foundation for adult well-being among autistic college students.

Oredipe graduated from CSI in 2020 as a Psychology major and a Biology minor. The article was adapted from her honors thesis. She is currently applying to medical school.  Kofner is an autistic graduate student at CSI studying Special Education 7-12. A key leader in CSI’s Project REACH (a mentorship program for neurodivergent students), Kofner will graduate this summer and seek her dream job as a math special-education teacher.

The piece has appeared all over the country, including HealthDay, US News,  MedicineNet, and many others.  See a complete listing of carried sources here.