Human Resources wishes to remind our community about CUNY’s policy on name- and gender-change requests.

CUNY’s policy, which applies to CSI, affords students, faculty, and staff the right to use a preferred name and/or change their gender on CUNY records, regardless of the individual’s legal name or sex assigned at birth, except in circumstances where a legal name may be required on official records by law. These policies are an important part of our campus commitment to creating an affirming and inclusive environment at CSI.

You can find CUNY’s official policy on student and employee requests for name and/or gender changes fully outlined online. Please see below as to how one may request such a change at CSI:

  • Students are able to use CUNYfirst self-service to select a preferred first and middle name. Students may also complete a Preferred Name Request Form and/or a Gender Change Request Form, found on the Registrar’s Website, and submit them in person at the Office of the Registrar (Building 2A, Room 107).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources at 718.982.2376 or via email at

By Jessica Collura