Information Technology Services is pleased to offer a workshop “Using Technology to Simplify Common Tasks,” scheduled for Tuesday, Oct.r 25  at 2:30pm. We are excited that Professor Wegge, Professor Gruber, and Stefan Charles Pierre will be participating as they share some pointers on using technology with their students. Finally, Doriann Pieve-Hyland will be sharing tips on the use of TEAMS to assist with organization and collaboration. As you can see, the topics will benefit both faculty and staff. We would appreciate your assistance by sharing this communication with your department. Please register to attend the event.

Training sessions for the month of October will be focusing on Excel. We received some requests for extra help in Excel, so we are offering this series to address these inquiries. The topics are more advanced this time, focusing on lookup tables, logic statements, and pivot tables, just to name a few.

Please use our Registration page to sign up for all training events.

Thank you for your help.

By Patricia Kahn, PhD