Welcome back for the Spring 2023 semester students! Today we went out and talked to students about being back on campus for Spring 2023. There are some students who are nervous about being back, some are excited, and for some it may be their last semester here at CSI. CSI Today also wants to give a few tips on how to survive this semester and stress less.

Of the ten students who were asked how they felt about being back for the Spring semester, most said it feels good or great, and some even said they were excited. Students like our Student Government President, Mike Ivany, a senior studying accounting, had a different response:

“Well I haven’t had any classes yet,” said Ivany. “But, that parking lot is pretty full.”

First tip: A full parking lot reminds us of the stress of trying to find a spot before class and stressing about being on time. Get some sleep and create a routine. Take the opportunity to map out a time that you can get here early enough to find that perfect spot by your class as opposed to having to park in the south lot when your classes are by the north end of campus. It’s cold at the beginning of the spring semester and walking across campus in freezing temps is not fun.

The next question we asked was what do you hope to achieve this semester? Most responses were “Pass my classes,” or “Graduate at the end of the semester.” There was one response that was different, thoughtful, and interesting, which came from Junior Anthony Tripodi, who is studying music, geography, and world languages:

“To do my best every day,” said Tripodi. “Things are soon to come my way.”

Another tip: Be mindful of your expectations. Not everything will go according to plan; you should understand that, and this can help you face adversity with a state of acceptance of the situation at hand.

You don’t have to love all your classes or get an A in every class either, as you will have setbacks in school or at home when you are trying to focus, so make sure to remind yourself of that when things don’t go as planned.

Tim Golubowski a sophomore Music major, who is a DJ on CSI’s WSIA, chimed in as well with a very thoughtful response:

“To get better at really hearing music and speaking skills,” said Golubowski. “And, also get better at Jazz piano.”

The last question asked to students was what are their long-term goals are after graduation from CSI? Most students named a career that matched their major. Linda Moore, a first-year student majoring in Psychology, added a little more to her answer: 

“I want to make lifelong friends, get a 4.0 GPA,” said Moore. “Also get married have a family and have a successful career in psychology.”

Last Tip: Meet new people by joining a student organization, introducing yourself to classmates, and attending campus events. See if you feel up to attending welcome events in the Campus Center or anywhere on campus to start creating new friendships. If you are an online learner, be on the lookout for study groups and virtual events.

By Vinny Masocol