We invite you to apply to participate in the Library’s self-led Open Access Crash Course for Faculty by Sunday, Apr. 2. Faculty who are accepted into the course and complete it successfully by Wednesday, Apr. 26 will receive a $750 stipend from the CUNY OER grant. 

Course Information: The course is self-led and asynchronous online. It has been designed to be completed over the course of two weeks, but will be open from Apr. 5 through 26 (a total of three weeks), to accommodate for Spring Break. The course is an introduction to open access scholarship, and is designed for any faculty member who seeks to learn about Open Access (OA). It includes text-based readings, videos, and one deliverable, which will entail either submitting a piece of research to CUNY Academic Works, CUNY’s institutional repository, or writing a brief outline and plan to identify and create work to submit to the repository.

Funding: Faculty who fully complete the course by Apr. 26 will receive a $750 award, funded by the CUNY OER grant initiative. In order to receive it, faculty will need to fill out paperwork with Academic Affairs by the deadline in early to mid-May.

Timeline: The application will be open until Apr. 2. Faculty will receive an email by Apr. 5 to inform them if they have been accepted into the course. The course will be available from Apr. 5 through Apr. 26. 

How to Apply: All faculty are eligible to apply for the course. To apply, please fill out the online form, which includes a few brief questions, including a 250-word (maximum) statement on why each applicant wishes to participate in the course.

Questions: Please contact Prof. Christina Boyle, Emerging Technologies Librarian, with any questions you may have at Christina.Boyle@csi.cuny.edu.

By Christina.Boyle