If you have materials from lockdown (May to June 2020) on Staten Island, take advantage of this chance to be a part of history. The Advanced Certificate in Public History at CSI, led by Professor of History and John J. Marchi Fellow Susan Smith-Peter, is collecting material from Staten Islanders online and in person at the Staten Island Museum on Saturday, Mar, 25 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  Register online

Everyday experiences, such as making sourdough, are important to document. If you were an essential worker during this time, your photos and videos are especially interesting, but everyone’s experiences are worth documenting. The materials will become part of a large international online archive titled A Journal of the Plague Year, which is hosted by Arizona State University. It will become one of the main sources for historians of COVID-19 in the future. Professors, if you had a pandemic-related class assignment, please submit those items that you think would be of interest to future historians. Let’s make sure that Staten Island isn’t forgotten in the history of the pandemic.  

The Lockdown Staten Island project has been covered in The Banner and CSI Today.   

By Susan Smith-Peter