Spring Break is here! It’s the time when many students congregate in a place like Miami, or somewhere in California and have a good time…but that is not always the case. This guy is just staying home to enjoy not having to go to classes for a few days and relax. I interviewed some students, and there were no Miami or California trips, but some students, like junior Edina Milimoh, plan to make the most of the time off.

“I will be going to Connecticut,” said Milimoh. “I will be babysitting and preparing for the summer, but it has been a rough semester and I am surviving and trying to catch up so the break will be great.”

There are students going a bit farther, like Kyle Cicero.

“I am going to Utah to see my older brother with my dad,” said Cicero. “We may go to the Grand Canyon while we are there, it’s a five-hour drive but I love seeing the sites of different states.”

Klaudia Wiacek definitely wins for going the longest distance away from Staten Island and this really sounds like a great trip.

“I am going to Poland to visit my grandparents,” said Wiacek. “Then I am going to Minnesota to visit my friend.”

Wow, that’s a lot of travel, and probably sounds like a lot of jet lag is in Klaudia’s future, but it also sounds fun. Going to visit family is the best, but there are students like Drew Donato who just want to be homebodies.

“I am going to sit on my couch and watch King of The Hill and Pinky and the Brain,” said Donato. “Maybe go to a friend’s house, but basically stay home and relax.”

So, whatever you are doing for Spring Break just remember to be safe and enjoy, and we will see you back here on campus on April 14. Then, after that, just think that there is only a little more than a month until Summer Break.

By Vinny Masocol