CSI students are invited to help judge the door decorating skills of College offices at CSI. We encourage you to visit all of the doors and cast your votes for most creative/unique, expression of school spirit, and overall impressiveness. All students who vote will be entered into a drawing for a Spirit Week prize package.    

The following College offices have decorated their door to celebrate CSI Spirit. Students are encouraged to cast their vote for their favorite doors. Scan the online QR code to access the judge sheet. Vote for as many doors as you like.

•     1A-101:  Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)

•     1A-105:  Center for Career and Professional Development

•     1A-109:  Counseling Center

•     1A-113:  Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program

•     1A-305:  Provost’s Office/Academic Affairs

•     1A-310:  Office of Community Educational Engagement

•     1A-401:  Office of the VP of Student Affairs

•     1A-404:  Office of the President and Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

•     2A-103:  Office of Recruitment and Admissions

•     2A-105:  Bursar

•     2A-106:  Enrollment Services/Financial Aid

•     2A-108:  Public Safety

•     2A-202:  Budget, Finance, and Administration/Economic Development

•     2A-203:  Melissa Riggio Program/Division of Economic Development, Continuing Studies and Government Relations

•     2A-302:  Technology Services

•     2R: Children’s Center

•     Dolphin Cove South Building Office Door

•     6S-134:  Medical Laboratory Science Program – Biology Department

•     1L-212:  Computer Lab

•     2N-106:  Bertha Harris Women’s Center

•     3N -217: Computer Lab

•     5N-112:  ASAP and ACE

•     1C-201:  Office of Student Life

•     1C-212B: Involvement Center

Voting closes Monday, May 1, 2023 at 9:00am.

By the Division of Student Affairs