Well, we have gotten here. We are at the end—some at the very end of their college experience and some just taking a well-deserved break, and some going to summer school to maybe get ahead and take some classes or a class to make sure graduation comes a bit earlier, or maybe taking a class that they did not do so well in. Whatever you are doing this summer, it is finally here.

I interviewed some students and most were happy about the school year being over, but some were sad that their college experience will end soon. I also asked what they will be doing this summer.

Eric Koleci a junior is one who thought that the academic year went quickly, but said that he had fun this year.

“With everything coming to an end, I’m surprised how fast it’s going and how much fun it is although it is a lot of work. I like that it relates to the real world and can apply the things I learn to many different situations,” said Koleci. “Over the summer I will continue working at my job, working out, and continuing to box.”

There are a lot of students like Jardon Smith, a junior, who is relieved that it is over.

“I feel that for this semester almost being over is a relief because I worked so hard, so it feels good to finally get a break,” he said. “My plans this summer are to see if I can find a class to complete my electives, then I can plan to chill for the rest of the summer. I am excited to be going to Florida because I get to see my grandpa and rest of my family so I honestly can’t wait for that.”

As for this reporter, I will be staying home, still broadcasting some FerryHawks games, and also getting some much-needed rest. So, until August, I sign off the way I end my radio show with a quote from the great Billy Joel. “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I’m afraid it’s time for goodbye again.”  At least until August……

By Vinny Masocol