After 23 years at the College of Staten Island, Dina MacLeod, is retiring her position as Accounts Payable Manager. Dina was hired as a College Accountant Level 2, and over the years took on additional responsibility and supervision of staff, eventually becoming the office. Prior to starting at CSI, Dina worked for Hospice Care in New Jersey.

At the conclusion of a successful search, I am pleased to announce that Yolanda Gonzalez has been appointed CSI’s new Accounts Payable Manager. Yolanda has worked with the Division of Finance and Budget since 2014, first in the Accounting Office and most recently as Finance Budget Specialist.

In her new role, Yolanda will oversee the day-to-day operations of the office, while providing leadership and guidance to the Accounts Payable team. Some of Yolanda’s responsibilities will be reviewing, reconciling, and paying credit card bills; travel and expense reimbursements; and vouchering. Yolanda will serve as a resource to the campus community, and as CSI’s representative with CUNY and the State Comptroller’s Office on Accounts Payable matters.

Yolanda has a Bachelor of Science in Internal Accountancy and a Master of Science, Business Management/Large-Scale Data Analysis. You can reach her at or

Please join me in congratulating Yolanda on her promotion and Dina on an outstanding career and exciting retirement journey.

By Carlos A. Serrano