Join us in June and August to explore teaching strategies, course designs, and new tools that will enhance and transform your classroom, lab, or studio experience. 

A series of workshops scheduled for Wednesday-Sunday, June 12-16 and Monday-Friday, August 14-18 offer a wealth of in-person and virtual student engagement and effective assessment activities, many of which include hands-on or interactive exercises that will ensure a better understanding of concepts, strategies, and techniques to use in the classroom.  

Please register for any of the sessions below online:

  • Collaborative Learning to Foster Student Engagement  
  • Constructing Effective Assignments for Online Classes  
  • Creating a Culture of Career Readiness in the Classroom  
  • Creating a More Effective and Easy Navigation Course on Blackboard    
  • Creating and Uploading a Customized Course Banner to Blackboard  
  • Engage! Strategies and Tools for Interactive and Engaging Activities throughout the Semester 
  • How to Roll Over your Blackboard Course to a New Semester
  • Organizing Your Gradebook in Blackboard 
  • Post-Mortem on Navigate CSI: What Worked? What Didn’t?  
  • Protocols to Support Student Discussion, Reading, and Critical Thinking 
  • Tips and Techniques to Enhance Your Slide Presentations: A Refresher 
  • Transforming Your Classroom: Practicing Equity through Active Learning 
  • Versatility and Creativity of Synchronous Online Teaching 

Additional workshops for August are still in the works, including a workshop on using Ally (a tool that detects documents that are not ADA-compliant) and another on ChatGPT. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at one or more of the workshops in June.    

By the Faculty Center Team: Wilma Jones, Fausto Canela, and Michael Castelli