A research project led by Xiaowen Zhang, Professor of Computer Science at CSI and The Graduate Center/CUNY, is one of only seven within CUNY to receive funding from the Google Cyber NYC Institutional Research Program.

Commenting on the honor, Dr. Zhang said, “I am very excited and honored to join the first group of CUNY cybersecurity researchers to receive Google Cyber NYC Research Award. The award provides much-needed resources to design and implement the proposed security model, to involve and inspire students in this research, and to develop and advance the cybersecurity program at CSI. The model is practical and flexible; we can adjust and integrate it with other security systems/components to push the overall cyber security to the next level.”

The model, which is part of the project titled “Applying Secret Sharing Scheme in Cyber Attack Detection,” seeks to provide a sophisticated multifactor authentication where more than one network entity is required to receive secure access. “The model applies secret share schemes to detect unauthorized/illegal activities and cyber attacks, and safeguard sensitive information within an organization’s complicated IT infrastructure,” Zhang added. “The model provides a flexible multifactor authentication methodology to make the networks more secure.”

To learn more about the Google Cyber NYC grant, see this article, which was published by the CUNY Office of Communications and Marketing.

By Editor