One of the many benefits provided to CUNY employees in the full-time instructional (teaching and non-teaching), adjunct instructional, and full-time classified (civil service) titles is the tuition waiver. This waiver covers the tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate-level college courses taken at CSI or any other CUNY campus (via ePermit) for personal or professional growth.

Detailed information and instructions, in addition to the current version of the employee tuition waiver, are available on the University Human Resources Website. In addition to reviewing the information online, please make note of the following tips below, as they will help ensure timely processing of your requests:

  • ·       You must enroll for your course(s) prior to submitting your waiver form to Human Resources.
  • ·       You must use the current version of the employee waiver form, which was revised in June 2020: please delete/dispose of any older versions of the form you may have, as they are no longer valid and will not be accepted.
  • ·       Your form must be fully completed and signed by you and your supervisor prior to submitting it to Human Resources.  Please do not submit it directly to the Registrar’s Office or the Bursar.
  • ·       Human Resources will verify your employment information and then forward your form to the Registrar’s Office for verification of your course enrollment, prior to submission to the Bursar’s Office.
  • ·       The Bursar’s Office at the college of your enrollment must receive your signed and verified form prior to the start of the semester for which you are requesting the tuition waiver. Late submissions will not be processed.
  • ·       The waiver only covers tuition for the course(s) for which you’ve enrolled: you remain responsible for paying the mandatory non-instructional and Student Activity Fees by the specified due date each semester. Please access your semester’s bill via your CUNYfirst account and refer to the Bursar’s Website for additional information on office hours, payment options, and due dates.
  • ·       Since your form must be reviewed and approved by your supervisor, Human Resources, and the Registrar’s Office prior to being processed by the Bursar, please make sure to start the process as soon as possible after you have enrolled for your course(s).

Thank you in advance for reviewing these tips and adhering to the submission deadlines, and best wishes with your current—and future—studies at CUNY.

By Lisa Roe and Suzy Shepardson