Join us for “Transforming Your Classroom: Practicing Equity through Active Learning” on Tuesday, Aug. 15 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm via Zoom.

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How do we make the transition from the hierarchical, inequitable, output-driven academy we inherited from the 19th Century to a higher education that empowers all students to be their own best selves, modeling a more democratic, flourishing, and just society? How do we make this transition in our own classrooms? In this interactive session, Christina Katopodis, co-author of The New College Classroom (Harvard University Press, 2022) with Cathy N. Davidson, presents what the latest science of learning tells us about inspiring, effective, and inclusive learning. Dr. Katopodis shares teaching strategies that anyone can adapt easily and effectively in every field. She provides case studies of self-care as student care; metacognition and world-readiness; the participatory syllabus; ungrading; anti-racist pedagogies; and grab-and-go activities that educators around the world are successfully using every day to ensure their students’ lifelong success—and to revitalize their own commitment to a better world. 

Presenter: Christina Katopodis, Transformative Learning in the Humanities, The City University of New York 

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By the Faculty Center Team: Wilma Jones, Fausto Canela, and Michael Castelli