Are you interested in helping to recruit local high school students to CSI and promote your program?

If so, please consider joining a roster of faculty who are willing to teach a master class or workshop at a local high school or on campus.

A master class, for our purposes, is an actual or customized first-year student (pre-college or 100-level) lecture or workshop taught by a faculty member in the department or school. Our target audience consists of current high school juniors and seniors. The class should be a college-level lecture/workshop that exposes them to the discipline or related careers, and it should be class-oriented subject-matter.

Since high school periods are about 40 minutes and that will likely be the parameters with which we are working, the master class should be about 30 minutes. It can be adjusted if the group is being hosted on campus. Also, the high school may prefer a shorter, repeated presentation delivered within multiple periods/sections of a course at the high school.

Our goal is the creation of an inventory of master classes and workshops that we can promote to our feeder or target high schools. Scheduling will be based on the availability of the faculty and the parameters requested by the high school. My office will handle all scheduling.

Variations of this approach have been successful for departments and programs like Performing and Creative Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Political Science and Global Affairs, the Core 100 Program, and more.

Please contact me at if you wish to join the roster or if you have any questions.

By Emmanuel Esperance, Jr.