Youthful Savings brings ESL learning to help with the socioeconomic growth of learners worldwide.

Youthful Savings (YS) has recently reached an agreement with the College of Staten Island to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) modules to non-English speaking learners on their proprietary Edtech platform, The Learning Marketplace (TLM). Access to ESL modules on TLM allows youth subscribers whose native language is not English to learn the necessary language and empowers them in school, at home, and, in the future, the workforce.

Accessing education not traditionally taught in schools is the key to empowering the next generation of citizens. Youth can supplement their lives with the knowledge that will guide them into becoming heart-intelligent world citizens and positive economic contributors. The College of Staten Island’s involvement in providing ESL modules to TLM subscribers promises to be crucial in youth empowerment.

“The importance of learning English in an academic setting to prepare students to take advantage of all of the opportunities that lay ahead for them cannot be understated,” said Dr. Stephen Ferst, Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement at the College of Staten Island. “CSI is pleased to be aligned with Youthful Savings to deliver English language instruction to YS learners and assist in the shared vision of improving lives and opportunities for at-risk youth in New York City and beyond.”

Studies show that lack of English language skills, the dominant language in the U.S. and other parts of the world, disproportionately affects many youth in many facets of education and society, slowing down their ability to socialize, develop their communities, and even access the educational opportunities many English-speaking youth have in their schools. This form of social hierarchy has a profound, negative impact on the confidence of many ESL youth (Ashcraft 2015). Therefore, with English language classes being accessible to many youths outside of a traditional classroom setting, they can learn more on their own time.

The agreement between CUNY and YS is a significant step towards making education more accessible and empowering for at-risk youth, particularly migrant and asylum-seeking youth entering New York City and other parts of the world. By empowering all youth, including those often marginalized, they can enter the labor market and become an integral part of both the New York economy and the global economy, contributing to the growth of the global economic system.

YS and CUNY share a vision of social mobility and economic growth for all people through the power of education and opportunities. YS is pleased to include CUNY courses on its EdTech and looks forward to working on other agreements in creating equity through equality in education and the economy.

About Youthful Savings:

YS is a learning ecosystem dedicated to socioeconomic empowerment through mental well-being, economic empowerment, and community development. Youthful Savings provides youth with online education through The Learning Marketplace and a platform to create global online businesses. Through Youthful Savings, youth can create a more inclusive global economy. For more information, visit

– Story courtesy of Youthful Savings.