As temperatures get cooler and the changing colors draw us to appreciate our campus environment, we hope you are comfortable in your offices and classrooms.

As is typical throughout CUNY, building heat at CSI is preset to turn on when temperatures outdoors are under 55 degrees. These settings are industry standards devised to avoid misusing energy by overheating areas that are naturally warmed by sunlight exposure and other factors; but each building is different, and we know that some indoor temperatures may not be as comfortable as others.

Please call Central Plant (718.982.3204 and 718.982.3205) if there is a specific concern in rooms and suites where the temperature is below 68 degrees. We will do our best to adjust the settings in those areas to provide more heat while maintaining our commitment to energy conservation standards.

Please be aware that when heat is shut off, the fans under office and room windows will blow cool air. It would be best turn fans off to increase the temperature.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

By Facilities Management, Planning, and Operations