The Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program (CSLB) enables eligible employees with five or more years of full-time continuous CUNY service to donate annual leave and/or sick leave to the CSLB program, provided that the employee maintains a sick leave balance of at least 24 days. Eligible employees with fewer than five years of service are entitled to donate annual leave each Program Year.

Donating time to the CSLB each Program Year allows an eligible employee to receive up to 90 days from the bank in any Program Year should the employee be on unpaid status due to a catastrophic illness (as defined in policy). Employees must be in a full-time title employed on an annual salary basis and have at least two years of continuous full-time service with the University to be eligible to receive leave from the CSLB. Those employed in substitute titles with no underlying regular annual appointment are not eligible to receive donated leave.

Full-time members of the classified, instructional, classified managerial, executive compensation, and non-represented staff are eligible. Employees in skilled trade titles represented by District Council 37 and those skilled trade titles represented by Teamsters Local 237 are also eligible; all other skilled trade employees and employees represented by IATSE Local One are presently excluded.

There is an annual open enrollment period for eligible employees to elect to participate in the CSLB by donating time to the Bank or change their current election to the CSLB. The open enrollment period will run from Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023 through Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023. Days donated to the CSLB must be deducted from your time and leave record immediately following the enrollment period. As a reminder, those who previously enrolled should continue to have their days deducted in November; unless the employee elects to withdraw from the Program or is no longer eligible to participate. Participating employees will be notified under a separate cover with instructions on how to complete their November time sheet.

Please see the links below to view the Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program policy and applications to enroll in order to donate, change your donation or withdraw from the Program.

 CSLB Program Description

 CSLB  enrollment application form to donate time

 CSLB Application form  to change donation or withdraw from the program

 You may email your enrollment and change forms or any questions that you may have to

By the Office of Human Resources