This week, IM and REC is hosting our 5v5 Indoor Soccer Tournament on Friday, Dec. 1 starting at 5:00pm in the Sports and Recreation Center (Building 1R) Auxiliary Gym. 

For the 5v5 Indoor Soccer Tournament, be sure to pre-register online to make check-in a breeze (if you haven’t done so already).  Please register online (See the Sports Tournaments Tab Under the RECREATION Tab). All tournaments need at least three teams (or 15 individuals) online or in-person registrations by the day and time of the tournament for a tournament to be held​.

Continuing this week and next week only is our Open REC Sports (currently for the month of Dec.). Go online to view the full list and updates.

For our monthly calendar of IM and REC events in 1R for the month of Dec., please see our Monthly IM and REC Calendar of Events online (under the RECREATION Tab).

In addition, our Peloton Bike Room is now open. Please check out our Intra-FIT and Pelton Bike Room Webpage for usage rules and how to operate a Peloton Bike.