This communication is for members of the COllege community who use VPN technology to access College systems remotely. CUNY mandates implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for remote access. As noted in previous communications, given the cybersecurity threat environment, it is imperative that we proactively fortify the CUNY network and IT infrastructure to safeguard CUNY systems and data.

Starting Monday, Nov. 13, the Microsoft Authentication App will be the only authentication used to facilitate MFA when using Global Protect. Even though you already installed the MS Authenticator App for email, you must follow the instructions below to synch the app with your FLAS account in preparation for the implementation.

Step 1: Setting up the Microsoft Authentication App for Your FLAS Workstation VPN Access.pdf

Step 2:  Instructions for Signing Into Your Office Computer from Off Campus Using Global Protect.pdf

Please contact the Technology HelpDesk 718.982.HELP or the Technology Training Center at 718.982.2345 if you need assistance.

By Patricia Kahn, PhD