The College of Staten Island faculty and staff extend their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Jean Lucier Roland, who passed away on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024, at the age of 99.

Jean Roland, distinguished by her elegance and passion, dedicated herself to advocating for the College of Staten Island with a generous spirit. Her impactful presence was a source of inspiration, making an enduring impression on our institution. Mrs. Roland supported CSI’s mission of access and academic excellence in many ways, contributing to funds that allow students to persist through hardship, in addition to endowing the Albert & Jean Roland Memorial Scholarship.

 “It meant the world to have her ongoing support for the College of Staten Island and for the Bertha Harris Women’s Center, which I serve as Director. In addition to championing women’s education and empowerment, she also provided the foundational financial support for the College Food Pantry, which supports students facing food insecurity. Jean wanted every young person to have the opportunity to learn without hunger holding them back. She was both great AND good, and she will be dearly missed.” – Professor Catherine Lavender

We will always be thankful for our friendship with Jean Roland. Her unwavering support and commitment to the College have left a lasting legacy that will be remembered and appreciated by all. A public poetry reading in her honor is being planned by the Bertha Harris Women’s Center to take place at the College during National Poetry Month this April.

Read the full obituary here.

By the Office of College Advancement