The Center for Global Engagement invites you to take a moment today to reflect upon the UN International Day of Education. The UN celebrates education as a path forward to peace and prosperity across the globe – a vision we share for all.

Learning for peace must be a transformative process, enabling learners to gain essential knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors, thereby empowering them to serve as catalysts for peace in their communities. The foundation of more peaceful, just, and sustainable societies is laid through education, a force that permeates every facet of our daily lives and overall prospects. In the face of escalating climate change, democratic erosion, persistent inequalities, growing discrimination, hate speech, violence, and conflict on a global scale, education emerges as a powerful tool to both address and prevent these challenges in the future. Moreover, when effectively shaped and implemented, education becomes a long-term investment with increasing returns.

An active commitment to peace is more urgent today than ever: education is central to this endeavor.

By the Center for Global Engagement