On Tuesday, the College of Staten Island, along with the General Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco, presented a unique look into the life and travels of Estevanico, also known as Mustapha Ezzemouri, an African explorer and adventurer whose exploits during the 16th-century resonate with courage, resilience, and a quest for knowledge.

CSI Prof. of Neuroscience Dr. Abdeslem El Idrissi welcomed the participants and introduced the symposium as a “presentation on the significance of the Narvaez Expedition (1527) and Estevanico, a Moorish explorer, in the global context of history and cultural interchange.” Many speakers took to the podium during the event, including H.E. Abdelkader Jamoussi, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in New York, author Paul Schneider, and more.

In addition to the keynote addresses, the conference featured panel discussions and cultural exhibitions in CSI’s Center for the Arts.

The co-organizers of the event in full were: The General Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco; Department of Biology and Center for Developmental Neuroscience; Department of History; Department of World Languages and Literatures; African and African Diaspora Studies Program; Black and Latino Urban Male Initiative; Center for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development; Center for Global Engagement; and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

See the full gallery of the event available now.