In celebration of Black History Month, the CSI Library will present a screening of Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin, on Thursday, Feb. 29 at 2:30pm in the Library Theater (Building 1L, Room 103). This 2003 documentary is about activist Bayard Rustin, often cited as “the unknown hero” of the civil rights movement, who was a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr. and the architect of the 1963 March on Washington. This documentary chronicles his life and activism for racial equality, gay rights, socialist issues during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Bayard Rustin is also the subject of a 2023 film by Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground Productions. The dramatization of his life can be seen in the film, Rustin, starring Colman Domingo, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for his leading role. 

By Amy F. Stempler