There is an upcoming special election on Tuesday, Feb. 13.  The CUNY Time to Vote Notice to Employees is online. This guidance applies to Feb. 13 only, and not to the early voting period:  

  • CUNY employees, who are registered to vote, are eligible for up to three hours of paid time off to vote if they do not have “sufficient time to vote.”
  • An employee is deemed to have “sufficient time to vote” if they have four consecutive hours to vote, either from the opening of the polls to the beginning of the working shift, or between the end of the working shift and the closing of the polls.
  • Employees may take the time off at the beginning or end of the working shift, as the employer may designate, unless otherwise mutually agreed.
  • Employees must notify their employer no less than two days, but no more than ten days, before the day of the election that they will take time off to vote.

 If an employee plans to take time off to vote per the guidelines above, they should indicate the hours on their corresponding time sheet.

Early voting takes place between Saturday, Feb. 3 to Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024. Here is more information about early voting. Voters may request an absentee ballot by going online. Voting FAQs can be found online

If you have questions on how this applies to your time sheet,  (if applicable) please email

By the Office of Human Resources