For the 2024 summer, the four-day workweek program shall be in effect during the period of Monday, June 10 through Friday, August 9 excluding the workweeks that include Juneteenth (observed on Wednesday, June 19), and Independence Day (observed on Thursday, July 4). For those two holiday weeks, staff shall have four regular (un-extended) workdays. See CUNY Employee Holiday and Annual Leave 2023-2024 and CUNY Employee Holiday and Annual Leave 2024-2025

Apart from the two holiday weeks, the work day for full-time clerical, administrative, and non-teaching instructional staff employees will be 8¾ hours plus 45 minutes for lunch, Monday through Thursday (e.g., the workday will begin at 8:00am and end at 5:30pm, with a lunch break from noon to 12:45pm, Monday through Thursday with Fridays off).

For the duration of the “summer hours” program, there will be a minimum 50% onsite work requirement (e.g., two days onsite and two days remote) for those employees who are eligible and approved to work a hybrid schedule. Offices should be open and staffed to the greatest extent possible in the summer. For times when that is not possible for smaller offices, there should be clear signage as to whom the visitor should contact and how they can be contacted during business hours. Please be advised, that supervisors and/or division administrators may require an increase to the 50% onsite work requirement and/or set “blackout dates” for the use of annual leave for employees within their departments/divisions, if necessary, to ensure appropriate staffing during peak times or scheduled events.

Employees who do not wish to–or are unable to–work the extended hours during the aforementioned weeks as described above shall be given the option of working four regular workdays (e.g., 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday) and charge the fifth day (Friday) to annual leave. All such requests shall be submitted to using the online form, with supervisor’s approval, Friday, June 7. Employees must have an annual leave balance of seven days in order to be eligible to waive the summer hour work schedule.

As a reminder, all Public Safety, Buildings and Grounds, and 220 Titles are exempt from participating in the summer hours program and will remain in-person/on-site for their regularly scheduled Monday through Sunday shifts.

Any questions/concerns can be sent to

Have a great summer.

By the Office of Human Resources