‘Imagining Queer Methods’ Tackles New Ways to Do Queer Theory

SUM-CUNY: What methods should be used to study an interdisciplinary field that defies conventional categories, both in academia and in terms of the human experience? Imagining Queer Methodsco-edited by Professor Matt Brim (College of Staten IslandThe Graduate Center) and Amin Ghaziani, looks at new approaches to research and analysis in queer studies and queer theory.  More information is available on the SUM-CUNY Website.

DiCicco-Bloom Appointed Executive Officer for the Doctoral Program (PhD) in Nursing at The Graduate Center, CUNY

Dr. Barbara DiCicco-Bloom, Associate Professor, Nursing, has been appointed Executive Officer for the Doctoral Program (PhD) in Nursing at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Dr. DiCicco-Bloom is the third person from CSI to serve as Executive Officer of a Graduate Center doctoral program in the past five years, and this is the first time in the history of the Nursing PhD program that the EO position has been held by a CSI faculty member.

CSI Professor Dr. Eileen Gigliotti has held the position of Deputy Executive Officer in the Nursing PhD program for the past 13 years, and was one of the founders of The Graduate Center’s PhD program in Nursing.



Matt Brim Co-authors “Imagining Queer Methods”

Matt Brim, PhD, CSI Associate Professor of Queer Studies and English, has co-authored Imagining Queer Methods with Amin Ghaziani (NYU Press, 2019).

This edited collection reimagines the field of queer studies by asking “How do we do queer theory?”

Imagining Queer Methods showcases the methodological renaissance unfolding in queer scholarship. This volume brings together emerging and esteemed researchers from all corners of the academy who are defining new directions for the field.

From critical race studies, history, journalism, lesbian feminist studies, literature, media studies, and performance studies to anthropology, education, psychology, sociology, and urban planning, this impressive interdisciplinary collection covers topics such as humanistic approaches to reading, theorizing, and interpreting, as well as scientific appeals to measurement, modeling, sampling, and statistics.

By bringing together these diverse voices into an unprecedented single volume, Amin Ghaziani and Matt Brim inspire us with innovative ways of thinking about methods and methodologies in queer studies.

Kahan Book Reviewed in “Diapason”

A recent review of CSI Professor of Music Sylvia Kahan’s French-language book, Winnaretta Singer-Polignac: Princesse, mécène et musicienne (Les presses du réel, 2018) has been published in the prestigious French music magazine, Diapason. An English translation of the review is online.