Three CSI Grad Students Attend the World Shakespeare Congress

Three CSI graduate students, James Barone, Anh Le, and Alexandra Stein, had the opportunity to attend the 11th World Shakespeare Congress (WSC), last July, which was held virtually from the University of Singapore.

CSI English Professor Katharine Goodland explained her role in the students’ attendance. “I encouraged Allie, Anh, and James to participate in the WSC this summer when I learned that it would be held remotely, as many conferences have done over the past year. Usually, the cost of these conferences is prohibitive, as the plane fare and hotel room alone can be several thousand dollars, particularly for travel to a place like Singapore.” After the WSC waived the $118 WSC registration fee for each student, they each only ended up paying a $28 registration fee to the International Shakespeare Association.

Goodland noted that the WSC includes plenary lectures by well-known scholars, as well as competitive paper sessions, where participants write and submit their papers in advance of the WSC and then the themes and topics of the resulting seminars come from those submissions. “This seemed to me an ideal way for these three students, all of whom are considering applying to doctoral programs, to learn more about the profession, make connections with other scholars, and gain an important item for their CVs should they decide to apply to doctoral programs, which is quite competitive. The students were all in my MA course this semester, “Early Modern Drama and the Nature of Womankind,” and they are all now completing their final requirement of the program, the MA thesis. The timing was perfect, and their work in my course was exceptional.”

For their part, the students all reported that the WSC was an enriching experience for them.

James Barone

James Barone participated in the seminar “Carnival in Shakespeare” with his paper, “Dancing with the Devil: Mutability, Cuddy Banks and the Morris Dance in The Witch of Edmonton.” Stating that this was his first experience in an academic seminar, Barone recalled that “Overall, the experience was inspiring. Though my paper is a work-in-progress, it was nice to get some early feedback and know that I’m not entirely off-base. The seminar gave me a feeling of community that has been difficult to come by over the past year and a half or so, with the pandemic and distance learning.”

Anh Le

Anh Le attended the seminar titled “Shakespeare and Dance: From the Globe to the Global,” with the paper “The Movements of the Exploited Monster: Interrogating the Role of Butoh in Julie Taymor’s Adaptation of The Tempest.” Le said, “Attending the 2021 World Shakespeare Congress has greatly enriched my graduate studies. I have received amazing feedback from the seminar’s conveners…The scholars’ constructive comments reinforced that formulating a strong argument and carefully supporting it with evidence from the primary source(s) require time, patience, and above all, determination…My experience as a delegate in the WSC has emphasized the processes of writing and research as one of discovery and enlightenment.”

Alexandra Stein

Alexandra Stein, who participated in the WSC seminar “Women and the ‘Feminine’ in Shakespearean Screen and Visual Media,” with her paper “If You Show Your Face, You Must Not Speak,” said that “Attending the World Shakespeare Congress this summer was an illuminating and exciting opportunity, as it was my introduction into the world of higher academia and scholarship. As a graduate student, I was anxious to be joining the conversation about Shakespeare’s women with some of the most celebrated Shakespearean scholars, but was immediately welcomed and made to feel as though I truly did have a place at the table.”

Goodland emphasized the importance of this academic specialty for students and what this particular experience means to her as an educator. “The field of Shakespeare Studies is global, democratic, diverse, and welcoming. It is and has been at the forefront of progressive change for the past 30 years. It has been a profound pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to share this wonderful field with these very fine emerging scholars. They have all gained invaluable insight into the work we professors are doing when we are not in the classroom.”

Three CSI Grad Students to Participate in World Shakespeare Congress [Updated to add third CSI student participant]

Three CSI English MA students, Anh Le, James Barone, and Alexandra Stein, will be participating in the World Shakespeare Congress this summer, July 18-24, hosted by the Asian Shakespeare Association at the University of Singapore. Anh is writing a paper for a seminar on Shakespeare and Dance and James is writing a paper for a seminar on Shakespeare and carnival. 

By Editor (originally published on April 8, 2021)

Finance Club Holds Speaker Event Featuring Multiple CSI Alumni

Chazanoff School of Business alumni recently spoke to CSI students in a virtual event.

The Finance Club of the Lucille and Jay Chazanoff School of Business recently held an online speaker event involving three CSI Management alumni at various stages of their careers, all of whom currently work in the finance and banking fields at JPMorgan Chase.

Organized by Finance Club President John Buscini and the other club officers, with the assistance of Andrew Colbeck, Technician for the Con Edison Trading Room, the event included Barnie Keller, Matthew Fleming, and Brittany Fumando. The participants spoke about their current positions, as well as the varied career paths that brought them to Chase. As the most recent graduate, Brittany touched upon her college years along with her other work experience, noting that “CSI can really make a difference with helping start a career and a bright future.” Matthew spoke primarily about his experiences at Chase, as well as his positions prior to being hired there. Barnie discussed some of her background and noted that there are a large number of alumni from several CUNY schools at Chase, including many from CSI.

Each participant spoke about the culture of their workplace and the importance of understanding it, the critical need to network with colleagues and contacts, and the benefits of developing a relationship with a mentor. One point that was strongly emphasized by the speakers was the advantage of micro-credentials on a candidate’s resume when they apply for a position. For the financial sector, these can include passing the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam, the General Securities Representative Exam (also known as Series 7), and the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (Series 63), all administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Some Chazanoff School students have already begun achieving some of these qualifications prior to graduating – Andrew Colbeck is available to provide useful information and guidance in this area.

The Finance Club is to be commended for its initiative in engaging and bringing together these alumni for this valuable event. The Founding Dean of the Chazanoff School of Business, Dr. Susan Holak, expressed sincere gratitude to the former students who took time out from their own busy schedules to help build connections and impart knowledge to the next generation of graduates. Speaker Matthew Fleming summarized this, noting that “CSI and [the Department of Accounting and Finance] continue to provide excellent direction to the many minds they’re committed to molding.”

The Chazanoff School of Business looks forward to providing many more opportunities to engage with our alumni in different fields, and fostering connections between them and our current students.

By Warrick Bell

Macaulay’s Syleste Alexander Accepted to CUNY Cultural Corps

Syleste Alexander

Macaulay Honors College at CSI student Syleste Alexander has been accepted to the CUNY Cultural Corps, where she will work on a project that documents what past and present Service Corps participants have experienced while in the program.

Syleste shared her thoughts about Macaulay and her new role in the CUNY Cultural Corps:

“As a Marketing major with an interest in management and art history, Macaulay at CSI was the gateway for me to take part in amazing internship opportunities in the heart of New York City that were perfect for my career path.

“Currently, I am able to take part in bringing the arts to my College community in various ways. Through my internship with CUNY Creative Arts Team through CUNY Cultural Corps, I am able to gain professional development skills while also being a part of the arts sector. Through volunteering at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a member of the Met Collective, I am able to bring my perspective as a college student to help make the museum more accessible and appeal to a college audience.

“In previous summers, I participated in two professional development experiences as both a Student Ambassador for CUNY Arts and the Museum of Modern Art, and as a Business Development Intern at Reel Artistry. As a MoMA Ambassador, I was able to experience the MoMA behind the scenes. My peers and I took part in several private seminars at the MoMA, which focused on different aspects of working at the museum, such as curation, preservation, and art history. During these seminars, we were also given the opportunity to discuss how CUNY students can get more involved in the art museums available in New York City. At Reel Artistry, I was given the chance to work as a business development intern, while also being involved in a company that shared my passion for theater and the arts. I gained experience in business administration and digital organization, as well as working on marketing projects for the company.

“Currently, I am working as the Social Media Intern for the Macaulay Honors College, where I attend student development meetings, and manage and curate posts for both Instagram and Facebook!​”

By Editor

Freshmen Pair Highlighted by NY1 News

Their competitive careers at the College of Staten Island haven’t even started yet, but freshmen pair Maxim Kleyer of the Men’s Swimming and Diving team, and Daniel Wronski of the CSI Cross-Country, and Track and Field teams, are already making headlines. This month, both were featured in High School Scholar-Athlete spotlights by NY1 News, and have begun their academic careers at CSI in the Macaulay Honors College.

Profiled by NY1 reporter Kristi Lee Neuberger, both Kleyer and Wronski’s paths to CSI, and their respective sports, wasn’t always a sure thing. Kleyer picked up swimming just five years ago after stints in soccer and baseball, and Wronski started his first foray in the running world while attending Susan Wagner High School. Not only did they find arenas in which to excel athletically, but the pair has also dominated in the classroom, sporting near-perfect GPAs, making them two of Staten Island’s premiere scholar-athletes when it came time to make their college decision. CSI’s NCAA Division II program is now one that they will call home.

A scholar-athlete-driven institution, CSI Men’s Swimming specifically has been cited as a Scholar-Athlete All-America team for the past four years, and Kleyer and Wronski are two of nearly a dozen CSI student-athletes enrolled in the CUNY’s prestigious Macaulay Honors College.

NY1’s full story of Maxim Kleyer
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By David Pizzuto