Superstorm Sandy Forum: A Serious Conversation about the Future of Staten Island

Fri. Mar. 8, 2013 —  8:00am  -  4:00pm

Dr. William J. Fritz leads a team of experts. Learn why Staten
Island was so severely affected and how to prepare for the
future. Also, get an overview of the recovery efforts. Watch this
listing for additional details to be announced.

In 2011, Dr. William J. Fritz and a team of researchers from
The City University of New York’s College of Staten Island
began researching what would happen should a “perfect
storm” hit New York City.

In June 2012, the team published an abstract highlighting the
effects of a 12-foot storm surge on New York Harbor.

In October 2012, Sandy delivered a 14-foot storm surge to the
area with devastating consequences, and a week later, the
team's paper was presented at the Geological Society of
America's annual meeting as scheduled, one week after the
storm surge hit.

Dr. Fritz, Interim President and renowned geologist at the
College of Staten Island, the only public institution of higher
education in the borough hardest hit by the Sandy storm
surge, invites you to reserve Friday, March 8, 2013 for a
public forum at the College of Staten Island that engages
representatives from the federal, state, city, and local levels,
as well as leading scientists, business people, and educators
from around the world for the Superstorm Sandy Forum: A
Serious Conversation about the Future of Staten Island,
presented by the College of Staten Island.

Dr. Fritz's Five-Point Plan, as detailed in local-to-national
media, will drive the discussions of the day-long forum.

Proposed topics may include:

-Why do hurricanes occur, and why is New York, and
especially Staten Island, so vulnerable?

-The nature of storm protection, including barriers, mitigation,
and natural resources. What are the rebuilding strategies of
other coastal communities?

-How has the international community addressed land use to
manage risk associated with flooding?

-How should Staten Island address zoning and land use
issues in light of city, state, and federal taskforce activities;
protection of natural resources; and building codes?

Panelists and moderators will be announced shortly, along
with the launch of a Superstorm Sandy Forum Website.


When: Fri. Mar. 8, 2013 —  8:00am  -  4:00pm
Admission: TBD
Location: Center for the Arts
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island
Phone: 718-982-2000

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