Staten Island, NY — Take a giant leap into the world of light, color and motion with LUMA, high-tech light circus by grand wizard Marlin at the Center for the Arts (CFA) at the College of Staten Island (CSI) on Saturday, February 3, 2007, 3:00 pm. Bring your flashlights, keychain lights, cell phones and any other fun lighting devices to help participate in this amazing show that is bound for Off-Broadway later this year. Tickets are on sale at $15, $12 and $10. Contact: (718) 982-2787 (ARTS), or

LUMA is an exhilarating and entirely original form of performance art that fuses the performance genre of a light show with the dynamism of live, human performers. The performers dress head to toe in black and perform on a dark masked stage. They use an enormous array of glow-in-the-dark, lit and black-light props to create incredible visual experiences, sculpting dynamic forms that dance, spin and orbit to enchant the viewer and stimulate the imagination. Experience fireflies dance, shooting starts flash across a darkened stage, screen savers undulate, carnival rides spin and EKG monitors pulse the heart beat of the body electric.

LUMA uses the dark as a canvas and light as the brush to paint imaginative stories. Standing on a lava flow on the ‘edge of the earth’, Marlin had an epiphany that all life is drawn to light. Like a deer in headlights, a moth to a flame, a seed to the sun, we humans are also inextricably pulled to the light. We all have a memory of playing with a flashlight under the covers, waving a sparkler, gazing at the lights on our birthday cakes and this fascination never ends even after we have grown up. LUMA is fun for all ages, from ages 3 to 93; it’s a celebration of the luminous by using the dark to bring the light in our lives to life.