“Writing for Everyday Living” makes its television debut this month. Educator, author, and public speaker Anna Tomasino will host the television premier of this educational series that provides viewers with practical tips for all aspects of writing that are needed in daily life.

From “Getting Started & Generating Ideas” to a special three-part series on letter writing, from writing about finance to writing a recipe, viewers will be engaged by Tomasino’s motivational instruction delivered in her friendly, witty, charismatic, and down-to-earth style. Special segments include “Today’s Focus: Tip Sheet”, “Honoring Your Voice,” and the “Editing Corner: Quick Editing Tip.” Each show provides thoughtful suggestions, clear guidelines, and useful resources. Upcoming programs include guest speakers and featured episodes on the following: speech writing, researching the Web, grant writing, resume writing, and interviews with both local and national authors.

When asked about her mission and writing philosophy, Tomasino states, “my goal is to provide practical writing tips and tools. I truly believe that everyone’s voice is vital and needs to be honored through communication. It’s important to be patient with the writing process and to begin. Write Now!”

Tomasino reflected for a moment to recall the words of Rousseau: “However great a man’s natural talent may be, the art of writing cannot be learned all at once.”

March 2007 Air Dates and Times:
Staten Island, New York: Time Warner’s Staten Island CTV: Tuesdays, 8:00pm on Channel 35 and Thursdays, 7:30pm on Channel 57

Brooklyn, New York: Comcast Cable: Mondays, 3:30pm both on Channel 34 (Time Warner Cable) and Channel 67 (Cablevision)

Syndicated. Others cities to be announced. Check local listings.

Soon to be broadcast on the World Wide Web. Log on and view: www.annatomasino.com
(Website is under construction.)

More Information / To Suggest Show Topics / To Be a Guest on the Show:
Log on to www.annatomasino.com: The multimedia experience Website provides special sections including writing tools, recommended books, media clips, complete biography, and so much more. If you would like to interview Anna Tomasino and/or book her as a guest speaker, she can be reached at: annatomasino@aol.com

Brief Bio about Anna Tomasino:
Educator, author, public speaker, television host, and producer Anna Tomasino has a multifaceted career: she has published three books (“Discovering Popular Culture,” “Music and Culture,” and “Essay 33: Non-Fiction Reflections Upon the Self and Society”); co-authored a handbook; contributed to books, including the “Encyclopedia of Film and Religion”; writes and hosts “Writing for Everyday Living”; and is producer and director of “Let’s Learn to Cook” (currently in production).

Tomasino has been teaching Composition and English Literature at the City University of New York (CUNY) for almost a decade, and currently teaches at the College of Staten Island. A frequent speaker/workshop leader, and guest on radio, television, and Internet broadcasts, she has recently completed her first novel.