The Office of Design Services works with the College community to produce high-quality print communications and marketing for student recruitment, fundraising, events, and institutional awareness. We offer a wide range of cost-free services: long-term communications planning, design, print production, and marketing campaigns. Our print productions range from business cards to fliers and posters to high-impact, four-color publications such as the CSI Foundation Annual Report, the President’s Report, and academic program brochures.  

We provide a variety of communications services to faculty and staff, free of charge. We are committed to helping create communications that engage and inform various audiences and that promote the excellence of CSI. Our in-depth knowledge of the College and its official communications strategy enables us to help shape messages so they are best understood by their intended audiences. We are a creative office that is proficient at problem solving and generating effective and visually engaging products.  

In addition, Design Services also produces signage, banners, and logos that reflect the College identity. The Office of Design Services helps to preserve the image of CSI. Among our many responsibilities, we manage the content of the College’s official print publications and the use of CSI’s name.  

Design Services can now be found on the College Website. Click Here to visit or new URL. You can also can find us on the Faculty and Staff page under “Faculty & staff Resources”/Design Services.