The Holiday season is upon us and this is traditionally the time when thefts from unoccupied offices and from vehicles parked on campus occur. The CSI Office of Public Safety is asking for your assistance in reducing this threat by being diligent about your personal belongings and by adhering to the following recommendations:

-Do not leave anything of value unsecured in your office. Lock your valuable items inside your desk and lock your office door before you leave for the evening.

-Close and lock your windows. Winter weather damage and thefts of opportunity occur when windows are left open.

-Do not leave anything of value in your vehicle (e.g., holiday gifts, leather coats, briefcases, laptops, tools, cell phones, etc.). If you must leave something in your vehicle, lock it in the trunk; do not leave it in plain sight.

The Office of Public Safety has increased patrol inspections on the campus. The officers have been alerted to be extra vigilant and observant.

If you have any questions regarding holiday security, please contact the Public Safety Office, Building 2A, Room 108, at 718.982.2111 or 2116.