I write to remind you that we have established Websites and discussion boards to enhance communication and inclusiveness. We have established threaded discussion boards as a forum for sharing ideas on four important topics–the Budget, the Master Plan, Strategic Planning, and Facilities Planning – Security Upgrade.

These discussion forums, which currently can only be viewed from on-campus on the CSI Intranet, can be accessed as indicated below:

-Strategic Planning (Click Here to access site) moderated by Richard Flanagan: At this site you will be able to access the following items: timeline and process; information on the consultant who is working with us on the Strategic Plan , Rickes Associates; and strategic planning materials, which include: Minutes from the IPC meetings and focus group raw data; this will be updated as we proceed with the planning.

-Master Planning (Click Here to access site) moderated by Peggy Fuller: This site contains the Master Plan addendum, deliverables, timeline, presentations, and a list of events as well as the discussion board.

-Budget (Click Here to access site) moderated by Ed Rios: This site contains news on the budget from the Chancellor, CUNY fiscal year reports, CSI fiscal year reports, and the Budget Bulletin and staff facts.

-Facilities Planning – Security (Click Here to access site) This site contains a discussion board that is under construction. Every building has the description of the site security project as well as specific information on the number of cameras that are going to be in that particular building. You can click on the building to view the information on that building.

A User Guide is available online at each of the above pages with an active discussion board. I encourage you to embrace this technology as a means of communicating effectively with the CSI community.