On behalf of the CSI Alumni Association Board, we are contacting faculty and staff to identify and nominate a former student whom they think would be a welcome addition to the Board. The CSI Alumni community remains strong and vital thanks to its former students, many of whom have become successful in their careers and have remained connected to the department from which they graduated by staying in touch with their favorite professor(s).

To continue the tradition of involvement with CSI and its predecessor institutions, Richmond College and SICC, the Alumni Association is looking for candidates who display good moral character and a passion to support the College and to serve its general membership. We hope that you can identify such candidates for us.

The requirements for eligibility are that a nominee hold an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or certificate from CSI or its predecessor institutions. Candidates must also be able to actively attend bimonthly Board meetings, become involved in subcommittee work, and assist in planning and executing alumni events. The candidate will be elected as Members of the Board of Directors of the CSI Alumni Association at our Annual Board Meeting in June 2010.

Please forward your nomination(s) to Donna Garambone, Alumni Affairs Coordinator at donna.garambone@csi.cuny.edu no later than Friday, Feb. 26, 2010.

Please contact the Alumni Relations Office at 718.982.2290 if you require further information about the nomination process or board member responsibilities.

We are grateful for your assistance in identifying potential candidates and by keeping our alumni community vibrant and strong.