Sustainable CUNY will once again sponsor the Sustainable CUNY Shorts Video Contest, with a $500 first prize. All CUNY students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to submit a video entry that is no more than two minutes in length to the Sustainable CUNY Shorts YouTube Group. Click Here to access the Group’s Website. This year’s theme is “Going Green, the Power of One.”

While many people are becoming aware of the need to live more sustainably, too many think, “Someone else will do it” or “I’m just one person; how can I make a difference?” or perhaps most of all, “It’s that big conglomerate that needs to change first.” However, one action that is noted and copied by others a million times over can make a big difference.

Submissions will be accepted from now through midnight on Wednesday, Apr. 21. However, early submissions are strongly encouraged, because the number of views that each entry receives is a part of the judging criteria. Submissions can be funny or serious and in the form of a skit, demonstration project, or song, with the goal of inspiring others to live sustainably.

The winner will be selected by students and Sustainable CUNY leaders, based on both content and public viewership, so encourage your family and friends to view your selection. The winner will be announced on Earth Day, Thursday, Apr. 22, 2010.

Click Here to view the 2009 Sustainable CUNY Shorts winners. A CSI entry ranked in the top five last year.