A workshop on advanced computational methods in engineering and environmental science will be held Monday through Wednesday, Sept 26 to 28 on the campuses of the College of Staten Island and The City University of New York.

This workshop will focus on the use of advanced computational and programming methodologies in the development of (1) land-use, hydrological,  ocean, and/or air models that are used to address the effect of megacity development on the regional and the worldwide environment and (2) models to predict and assess the resistance of structures to blast damage.

Programming models to be discussed will include the use of global address space programming models such as Coarray Fortran, and Unified Parallel C, and the Message Passing Interface Library and partitioning libraries in large parallel applications. 

Presenters will include V. Balaji, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton University; T. Clune, NASA-Goddard Institute of Space Studies; G. Karypis, University of Minnesota; R. Numrich, College of Staten Island, and Uwe Kuster, HLRS. 

The workshop is free for CUNY faculty, staff, and students with a valid CUNY ID.

You may register for the workshop and obtain additional information online.