The Academy of Retired Professors (ARP) held a Reunion Breakfast at the Park Café on Friday, Apr. 23. It was another successful event. Guests were from various departments and programs at CSI or SICC or Richmond College. Each person was invited to share experiences during his/her respective tenure and talk about his/her current activities. It was a warm, welcoming experience for all attendees.

ARP looks forward to its Inaugural Reunion Luncheon on Tuesday, May 23 in the Campus Center (Building 1C) Green Dolphin Lounge at 11:30am. All retirees (professors and administrators, and their partners) and those who plan to retire within the next year are invited to this exciting event. A bountiful buffet (Kosher food is available as well) will be available for $25 per person.

Meet and greet your colleagues and reminisce, refresh, and renew relationships.

Please RSVP to Irene Deitch at or Jim Sanders at

-Irene Deitch