The College of Staten Island is proud to offer new identification cards that contain no Social Security Number information and have integrated smart-card technology that allows access to faculty and staff parking lots.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the Public Safety office in Building 2A or the new ID station in the Library (Building 1L) to upgrade their ID cards and parking lot proxy cards to the unified one-card system.

Information regarding operational hours during the spring semester and the summer is posted on the Public Safety Website.

The system has the capability of issuing a new picture magnetic stripe ID card without retaking a photo. Individuals with previously issued non-magnetic-stripe ID cards will need to sit for a new photo. Call Public Safety to determine if your card is eligible.

The new one-card identification and access system will enable future services and enhancements to be implemented throughout the year as they become available, allowing multi-purpose functions to be achieved through the use of one card.

-Division of Finance and Administration