Last week, the Center for the Arts came alive with strange electronic noises, information imparted from vendor tables, and members of the College community eager to learn about the latest in technology at the First Annual Technology Fair.

Fair coordinator Doriann Pieve-Hyland said, “Our First Annual Technology Fair was a success. We received a lot of great feedback. I think the Fair increased awareness of the technology services available throughout our campus. Students, faculty, and staff also received insight about new technology available to them. Over 90 people visited our Cyber Security table, where they received free anti-virus software and literature.”

Tony Gallego, Assistant Director of Media Services at CSI, who helped staff his office’s table at the Fair, commented, “I think the fair went well…The highpoint was when the students came out after a COR 100 class was over…Every table had handouts and students were taking advantage of it. Prizes were also given out about every hour.”

Manny Gonzalez, Special Events Coordinator at CSI, added, “I found the Fair to be informative and was happy to see a great turn out even with the rainy weather that day. The tables were manned by friendly and attentive staff members and it was great to see many of our colleagues help out with any questions we may have had. All in all it was a great time.”

Vendors and other participants in this year’s Fair included AT&T, Barnes & Noble, CDWG, HETS, HP, Metro PCS, Staples, T-Mobile, Turning Technologies, and Verizon, as well as the CSI Technology Computer Science Club, HPC, Multi-Media Regional Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, and Media Services. Pieve-Hyland also noted that “The Technology Systems tables included Cyber Security, ECHO, and Technology Services where participants had their phones/laptops configured for email and wireless service.”

Pieve-Hyland said that “we are already planning our second Technology Fair for October 27, 2011. Based upon our feedback, we hope to include additional vendors and services.”