Winter Session ’11 will run from Monday, Jan. 3 to Monday, Jan. 24. Winter and summer sessions are very important as part of the College’s year-round enrollment initiatives. Information about the Winter Session has been disseminated to the College community in time for the start of registration which begins today, November 4. You can find a growing list of course and registration information on our Winter Session ’11 Website.

The College will be offering more courses for Winter Session ’11 than were available in any of the three prior winters. Students can opt to take additional credits to advance toward graduation or lighten their load in spring or fall by taking a course in January. Among the course offerings in both divisions are many general education classes, major courses, and graduate education classes. There are morning, afternoon, and evening sections available.

Winter Session ’11 presents some unique learning experiences. January could be an opportune time for students to concentrate on a foreign language; we have several sections Spanish. Advanced biology and chemistry students might wish to take BIO/CHM 443, a specialized lecture/lab in electron microscopy.

I am writing today to request your assistance in communicating the many opportunities that Winter Session ’11 at the College of Staten Island provides. We have found from prior surveys of both winter and summer terms that students often take classes with a favorite professor. They may choose to continue studying with faculty they have just had for a course in a prior semester.

In the next week, please take a few minutes to let your current students know which Winter Session ’11 courses you or your colleagues might be teaching in your department. Your attention to this request is appreciated.