Math for America (MfA) is accepting now accepting scholarship applications.

MfA is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve mathematics education in public secondary schools by recruiting, training, and retaining outstanding mathematics teachers. The MfA Fellowship is a five-year program where recent college graduates make a commitment to teach math in public secondary schools. MfA New York Fellows receive:

-A full tuition scholarship for a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education from MfA NY partner universities, Bard College, New York University, or Teachers College, Columbia University
-Initial certification for New York State
-A stipend of $100,000 over five years, in addition to a full-time teacher’s salary
-Extensive professional development, support, guidance, and mentoring

The application deadline is January 21, 2011.  For more information, visit the MfA Website to download an application. Students interested in applying may contact Dr. Geoff Hempill at or 718.982.2301 for assistance with their applications.

Further information can also be found at the Career and Scholarship Center in Building 1A, Room 105.